Speed Up Your Team’s Prospecting Process

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Speed Dial Prospecting System will boost your team’s prospecting potential and give your team member’s the tools they need to prospect effectively

Home Office Pro is the most effective prospecting tool available. The outcome selection, built in follow up emails, autoresponders and automatic history tracking make it the most time effective way to do business.

Home Office Pro boosts its already powerful prospecting tools by offering  faster prospecting power with the Speed Dial prospecting tool!

With this system, we have taken two full clicks out of the call process by automating the follow up email and letting you set the default actions.  Team members will be able to 1-click call their prospects via Skype, click one option button to tell the system if the prospect picked up or not, then click complete and immediately move on to the next prospect.  Advanced options are available for those members who still wish to select their follow-up options and edit the follow up email being sent to their prospect.   By offering both the 1-2-3 click Speed Dial option and the advanced follow up selection options, we have made the system flexible for all styles of prospecting.

A new “Quick Complete” button has been added; simply select the outcome of the call and hit Quick Complete and Home Office Pro will display the Contact Pop-Up for the next Contact in your call list, speeding up the follow-up process !

We have also increased the refresh rate of the Contact Pop-up, making it appear and complete faster than ever.

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