Present Better with Automated Webinar Software + Replay System

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The Simulated Live Webinar and Replay System – Help your team members present your team’s concepts and business to their prospects effectively.

Presenting your business concepts to prospects is often one of the hardest hurdles for team members to overcome. It requires that they have a strong presence either over the phone or in person, good speaking skills, are able to effectively relay the team’s message and have the confidence to close the deal. One way to assist team members with this process is to have group presentations. However, this option is not always available or convenient. How do you make sure your team’s message is getting across as intended in the presentation without being there every step of the way to help your team members present to their prospects?

Webinar Automation ensures your team’s message is there, even when you’re not

The first ever simulated live webinar and replay system to replicate for your entire organization. This means you can now have your best sales agent presenting your message while properly delivering triggerd calls to action during your pre-recorded webinar while giving the proper sales agent credit for the sale or enrollment!

Take a look at this video that explains the flow of this revolutionary new replicating live webinar replay system.


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