Network Marketing on Facebook with Jessica Higdon

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Today we are joined by Jessica Higdon.

She is a 7 figure earner in Network Marketing, she is founder of the Network Marketing Academy event with her husband Ray Higdon and She is the Author of Top Earner Recruiting Secrets.

Jessica is here to share with us how she grew her business by Network Marketing on Facebook.

Network Marketing On Facebook

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Show Notes: Network Marketing on Facebook

When you first approach someone your goal is not to sign people us right away.

Approach people with the pure intention of becoming a friend and you will be amazed what happens.

Why is this person messaging me?

I noticed you posted about … in your news feed
I noticed you have a maltese I also have a maltese (dog)
I liked the comment you put on this post

Get Personal
Always put the persons name in the message

End with a Question so you can Keep the conversation going
What do you do? (unless they are clearly showing what they do on their profile)
Use common sense and be aware to make sure your approach makes sense.

What are some of the mistakes people make?
Don’t over promote your company all over your profile.
This is an immediate turn off because it shows the person you are trying to prospect that you are only interested in building your business.

When you share posts on Facebook share things that your idea business partner would find valuable.
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Good business quotes

Editor tipFollow Jessica Higdon to get an idea of what she posts

Rule of Thumb:
If you can take the message and copy and paste it to a bunch of people it is not nearly personal enough.

The Big Takeaway

Make a decision to go all in and do not give yourself a way out.

Enjoy the process. Our biggest breakthroughs come right after our biggest breakdowns.

If you want to go all in and start building your network marketing business in just minutes a day check out Jessica’s
10k Social Media Recruiting Formula


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