The Fastest Way to Get Your New Business Builders Results that Motivate Them to Keep Growing

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In this video we are going to get back to basics and show you the latest tools to help you grow new business builders in your network marketing business.

One of the most important steps when building a Network Marketing business is to get your new business builders results fast.

Giving your new business builders fast results builds belief in the program, sets them on a path for long term success and creates duplication in your business.

With this in mind we set out on a mission to create a better way to fast start new business builders to maximize the success rate of each new business builder.

We looked commonalities in many successful networkers and realized one thing they have in common is that they maximized the use of their warm market (people you know) and continue to maximize the use of the warm market of their new business builders to sustain consistent growth.

They use each new business builder as an opportunity to open the door to potentially hundreds of new leads for their organization.

We also realized that the success of a new business builder was directly related to the following:

  1. The number of people the new business builder approached.
  2. The way they approached the people they knew setting an appointment
  3. The way they conducted their presentation or follow-up appointment to enrol the prospect in their business.

We found that there was room for improvement in all of these areas using the HomeOfficePro Software.

This this article i’m going show you two new features that will help you get better results from your new business builders and create more duplication in your organization.

Typically, when starting a new rep they are given a worksheet to fill out and a memory jogger to give them ideas about who they know.

The fact of the matter is we just can’t think of everyone we actually know.

This method usually results in a list of about 50 people if the new business builder is coachable.

However, the reality is that this new business builder has over 300 friends on average and in many cases quite a lot more.

If there was a way to start each new business builder approaching 300 friends instead of 50 this would give them 6 times better results.

This means if on average your new business builders get 3 enrolments in their warm market, if you get them all contacting their “full warm market” you could expect them to get 18 enrolments.

Before we didn’t have a way to accomplish this, but now we do.

We have created a way for each of your new business builders to create an organized list of their warm market

Introducing the Contact List Builder…

The contact list builder grabs all of the contacts that you know using the devices and services you already use.

  • all of the contacts from your cellular phone iPhone, Android phone or windows phone.
  • all of the contacts from your email program on your computer (outlook or mac contacts)
  • all of the contacts from your web email program (, msn, live, hotmail, yahoo, aol, gmail, )
  • all of the contacts from your professional social network (linkedIn)

Its a simple process that allows you to grab all these contacts from wherever you have digitally stored contacts and places them into a special organized list inside your HomeOfficePro System.

You can then use this list to strategically approach each contact and stay organized in your follow-up to each of them.

There’s more..

One of your key roles as a mentor is to make sure your new business builders take advantage of this getting started strategy and that is where our next feature comes into play.

You need to know which business builders are taking action.

When a business builder first starts you need to know…

  • What step they are on in the getting started training
  • Did they use the contact list builder to create the list of people they know?
  • How many apporoaches did they make to their warm market? (people they know)
  • How many appointments did they set with their warm market using the approach provided?
  • Where their prospects are getting stuck in their sales cycle for this strategy.
  • How many new members they are getting to join the team in this phase

Once a business builder has properly approached their warm market it doesn’t end there. You need to be able to move them out of this phase and evolve the strategy in place to continue to get new leads on a consistant basis moving forward.

When a business builder has finished approaching their warm market you need to know…

  • How many of their new business builders are getting started the right way.
  • How well this member is guiding their new business builders
  • How many of their own new leads are they capturing on a monthly basis
  • How many approaches are they making to those leads
  • How many appointments are they able to set approaching leads outside their warm market (or are they having a problem with this approach?)
  • Where their prospects are getting stuck in their sales cycle for this strategy.
  • How many new members they are getting to join the team in this phase

All of these key metrics help you point out where your business builders are getting stuck.

Its your job to simply make sure they stay “un-stuck”

Now you can.

Introducing the Mentor Report

This report shows you the critical activities that drive growth in your business.

  • When was the last time they logged into the system
  • What step are they on in the getting started training
  • Did they use the contact list builder to add the people they know?
  • How many calls or interations have they made with their prospects?
  • How many appointments have they booked?
  • How many new leads did they add in the last 30 days
  • How many leads do they have in total
  • What status are all those prospect opportunities that are sitting in the sales pipeline?
  • How many members have they signed up
  • How are the key metrics for all those new members?

We beleive that this report is going to give you the actionable data you need to make small but critical improvements throughout your entire organization that will yeild big results for the growth of your team and make you a better mentor.

You will now notice there is a new icon next to your contacts icon where you can get instant access to these critical metrics that drive growth for your team.

Take a look at both the Contact List Builder and The Mentor Report next time you login to your system.

To your success,

Ryan Hache
Network Marketing Software to Grow Your Team

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